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I tried to run away,

to escape the darkness,

the messed-up mind

and raging thoughts



Sinking into that deep dark pit of despair.

Where did it come from?

How did I end up here?

With fear crippling my bones

and filling my mind

I ask and ask and ask the Lord

Did I sin Lord?

Did I turn away from you?

This is no place for a child of God!

Sitting in darkness

Deep shadows

And aching heart

With weary arms I lift them up

I cried to you

Lord, can you hear me?

Lord, do you see me?

It’s your child, your lad

The wee boy so full of fear

Yet called to stand

For you and for your cause.

Yet I feel your distance

I long for your nearness

Some kind words

A warm embrace

Would do if you would

If you could

I need your light

To pierce the darkness of my soul

Yes, I hear him say,

You are my child

I am here

For you

A Father to a child

who is my boy.

I will never leave you

Even though you feel me distant

For You have never been

out of my view.

These days are tough

Yet brighter days are ahead

For I will walk with you

Will bring you near

And we shall dance again

So, I will run to my father

Whose outstretched arms

Await to embrace

And as he smiles

With joyful tears

I know that I am home.

Home and not alone!

Rt Rev Ian John Ferguson

Sunday 20th November 2022

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