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Sometimes you come across a book where the chapter headings are as helpful as the chapter contents, and this was true for me when I read Nick Cuthbert’s book ‘How to survive and thrive as a church leader’.

In fact reading the chapter headings was what drew me to reading the book in the first place. So maybe this will give you a desire to read the book.

  1. Receive significance from God.

  2. Reject busyness and ‘hurry sickness’.

  3. Look for obedience before success.

  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  5. Never dwell on regret.

  6. Function in your strengths.

  7. Put family first.

  8. Run from the sexual snare.

  9. Select the important over the urgent.

  10. Turn away from envy and be grateful.

  11. Forgive ruthlessly.

  12. Maintain your devotional life.

  13. Avoid the pressure of the latest thing.

  14. Prioritise the right people.

  15. See your life in perspective.

  16. Know what you are meant to be doing.

  17. Encourage young leaders.

  18. Never walk alone.

  19. Face your losses and move on.

  20. Understand stress.

  21. Stay at peace in a sea of change.

  22. Avoid burnout.

You could write a full paragraph by just using the above as they are all so connected.

May you be encouraged, as I have been, by just reading these headings although the book itself is worth reading.

You Are Not Alone if you are struggling with some of the above headings. These are areas common to most leaders. Sadly, in my experience much of the above was not addressed in my theological and ministry training. I believe much more teaching and mentoring on these areas should be a priority in the training of church leaders (or any area of leadership).

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