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I can honestly say that having real close friends has been such a blessing to me and especially during those times when my mental health was poor.

So I was interested to read about how the American sitcom ‘Friends’ has had a significant impact on those with poor mental health.

For many Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe felt like familiar faces. One person said 'I could switch on any episode and immediately feel a little less alone.' Few TV shows have been as impactful for so many people as Friends. The show ran from 1994 to 2004, but it remains hugely popular among young generations to this day. In 2018 Friends became the most popular show on Netflix in the UK. Over the years many have turned to the show during periods of poor mental health.

Now this intrigues me. Why would such a sitcom make that kind of significant impact? Professor Jessica Popham makes this assertion; “Sitcoms are comforting for people going through mental health problems because they can serve as a place of refuge, connection, and acceptance.”

As Victoria Stokes writes, "Sure, the six Friends weren’t always the perfect picture of mental wellness: it’s possible Monica had an undiagnosed case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Ross had his fair share of anger management problems, and Phoebe came from a traumatic past. But maybe that’s why so many people relate. Above all, Friends reminds us what it feels like to have a tight-knit community who will be there, no matter what. If you’re feeling low or you just need a reason to smile, Friends will be there for you, each and every time."

I am just saying how important friends are, especially when going through tough times and poor mental health. Would some of those who find comfort through watching Friends experience the same in their local church?

I think sometimes it's hard for church leaders to make close friends in the local church, but they need friends.

One of the amazing things Jesus said was 'You are my friends”. He knew the value of friendship and He himself valued close friends in his life. you have a FRIEND.

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